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A funny thing happened on the way from 80FT.

September 2005

For more than seven years, I’ve written a story of sorts. A story that is incomplete. A story of tragedy, struggle, perseverance and the love that sustains after a traumatic brain injury. I’ve written it for me, for others, for my son and for my husband to see the revelation of the Lord’s faithfulness each step of the way.

For more than seven years, I’ve been a voice for Danny, writing from my heart on his recovery, his progress and the frustrations that have weaved their places into our lives. I have written as transparently as possible so that those that find us may find truth. Truth isn’t always pretty.

I’ve written of the Lord, my Rock, my salvation and the One who gives me the strength to press on each day. My faithfulness and commitment to my husband is solely rooted in my relationship with Jesus. For life has certainly stormed, life has been darker than any moonless night in rural Canada, life has been a desert we’ve wandered for more than seven years.

I’ve written for my precious son, who was born five short weeks after Danny’s accident, whose very life is often the reason I can put one foot in front of the other. He saves me and his great big belly laugh can remove any sadness that rests on my shoulders like a torn superhero cape. He and his future family are great motivators to never give up on God’s promises of hope and future. My prayer is that he will one day understand my wrestling, yet complete surrender to the vows I made to his father. I pray he will be a man after God’s heart, a better husband and father, and friend.

Now, it’s time. Time for me to do what I feel completely inadequate to do. Time to step out again in faith that God is able to do more than I could even imagine. Time to give my voice a wider audience, our story to become more of my story and to be even more for Jesus. While my families’ journey and our story is not complete, and while we are still even surviving the final chapters, I’m awkwardly finding my own voice that has been spoken for others for so long.

So, this new me, this new blog, this new story will, of course, be representative of my families’ difficult path, because that is where I’ve learned so much, it’s what has stretched me and strengthened me in my faith. Our life has brought more meaning and more significance to words like hope, faith, commitment, family, and actively being the hands and feet of Jesus.

But it will now be more me. I’m absolutely terrified.

5 thoughts on “A funny thing happened on the way from 80FT.

  1. Diane Whalen-Stokes

    Allison, You are an inspiration and very gifted writer. I look forward to being inspired on how God is leading you each day through this maze of life. God Bless you and your beautiful family.

  2. Mom

    Terrified of what? You have already slayed dragons of sorts!!! “Do not be afraid!” The Lord says. “For I will go before and make the path CLEAR!'” You are on the right path-eyes forward-head erect! Whatever I can do to assist, if I am able, I will do it. You’ve got this babe!!! Just breathe…. I am so proud of you! You are loved!

  3. Carol Evans

    Allison….You are truly amazing. I am soooooo proud and happy for you and your new venture.
    “Surely the presence of The Lord is in this place” …I cannot wait to see what He has in store for you!
    I Love You My Sweet Friend……Carol xoxoxox

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