authentically allison









This is my family. They are my everything.

Grown from a mix of Georgia red clay and Canadian dust, I’m a southern girl with a heart for God, my family and big dreams.

I write about all things me. Authentically me.

Honest. Raw. Real.

I write about my God, being a wife, a mother, a caregiver and just me.

I am a warrior. For Jesus. For my husband. For my family.

I get tired of fighting, but often find rest in the written word.

Join me as I write for the Warriors, the Weary Warriors. I am one too.

I pray you find hope, encouragement and a comrade in the battle called life.

I won’t always be happy. I won’t always be sad.

But, I’ll always be authentically me.


Over here, I authentically write about my husband and our family’s journey after he sustained a traumatic brain injury. It’s the journey that took me to the battlefield and qualifies me to write words to the weary warriors.









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