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Disappearing Act


So, this is awkward.

I went through with the big debut and then Poof! I disappeared.

I’m still here. And, I hope you’ve missed me.

I’ve been resting.

Okay, and avoiding. Resting and avoiding.

Since transparency is kind of my whole platform, I’m a little nervous.

You got that though by the whole “I’m absolutely terrified” thing.

Anyway, giving birth is hard. I know. It took 27 hours of colorful prayer to bring my son into the world.

Giving birth to a new Web site can be equally daunting.

I can “Five Minute Friday” myself each week, but what do I have to say? Just me. On my own.

So, here’s the deal.

Each Wednesday is now Warrior Wednesday. We’ll talk about specific aspects of getting through the challenges life throws at us. I’ll share my thoughts and you can share yours.

How do you make it through your battles in life?

I’m seriously asking a question. Please respond. Let’s get to know each other.

In addition to Warrior Wednesday, my goal each week is to write another light hearted and random post each week. I might make you a cake or share a picture I took that I especially love. I may even show you around my house or share my insight on workplace etiquette.

The possibilities are endless.

My hope is that this place becomes a community; a community of authenticity and transparency, where it’s okay to be you-the good, the bad and the ugly.

All of us from different backgrounds, different journeys, but all warriors.

Hello, Warriors!

2 thoughts on “Disappearing Act

  1. Stacy

    The only way to make it through a battle is with GOD. Acknowledging HE is with me. Making strides by HIS strength. Giving HIM the glory of each victory. And marveling in the slivers of redemption that come from being forged in the fires of struggles by HIS hand.

    I am so excited about your new venture. Way to go, woman. What a witness.

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