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Five Minute Friday – Crowd

5minutefridayOn Fridays, I join up with Lisa-Jo Baker and her 5 Minute Friday prompt.

Hundreds of us write for five minutes flat-no editing, no over thinking and no backtracking.

And, because I’m being honest, try as a may, I tend to write longer than five minutes. Forgive this little perfectionist heart.

Today’s Topic: Crowd


It is crowded there in line.

The cashier is moving as quickly as he can, but the woman in front of me, she sighs loudly in frustration.

She turns her head slightly to the strangers behind her, looking for reinforcements; others like her with little patience for the waiting.

We all wrestle for the waiting.

She doesn’t know though. In this crowd. She doesn’t know.

I stand behind her with the knowing that this waiting, in this crowd isn’t important.

She can’t see for the waiting.

My hurt is carefully hidden beneath my Mary Kay make up and my package of diapers is getting heavier.

But, it’s okay.

Compared to the waiting of my husband’s waking and the weariness that comes with a new baby, standing in a line too long doesn’t seem worth being frustrated about.

Yet, as I stand there with my own hurt and my own waiting circumstances, I realize we’re all wrestling with the waiting.

In a crowd, it’s just easier to hide.

Be kind to the crowd around you, standing in line behind you or taking care of the customers in front of you.

You never know the hurt they’re hiding. You can’t know the weight of their waiting.

In a crowd, it’s easy to hide.

See them. Like Jesus. Love them.



7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Crowd

  1. Lisa

    This is a version of a game I have played for years and years. I actually shared the history of it in a previous FMF (encouragement). When I get it right – the kindness, the loving – it is magical, day-changing, load-lifting. Thanks for your words. So beautifully written.

  2. Cynthia Stuckey

    So beautiful, Allison.

    “You never know the hurt they’re hiding. You can’t know the weight of their waiting.”

    I, too forget how insignificant MOST waiting is, just mere momentary inconveniences. Thank you for the directional reminder to where we should be looking. :)
    **Hopping over from FMF– Blessings to you.

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