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Five Minute Friday – Together

5minutefridayY’all know what’s happening, right now?

Five Minute Friday where a host of bloggers join together for five minutes of unedited, stream of consciousness.

But, Warriors, you know what is especially cool about this one?

I’m in the same room as Lisa-Jo Baker (geeking out) and it’s a flash mob of bloggers in one room at Allume. Crazy town!

Today’s Topic: Together

I’ve been together with them for so long, never alone, always on call.

They pull at me, and take me and drag me and yet I love them with my life.

We are family.

I am their hands, their feet and their laundress.

Yet, we are together.

When we started, we were each on our own journey, tied together by name and blood and the One who called us.

Husband. Wife.

Father. Mother. Son.

Each of us traveling alone, but journeying together.

Daddy sleeping.

Mommy crying and Baby bringing joy in the midst of it all, the midst of togetherness.

Our journey is hard. I’d gladly give it away if I could.

But, I wouldn’t do it life without them; these two who pull and need and drag.

Because they give, they feed and they fill my soul and push out the loneliness.

We are family.

No matter the face, no matter the circumstance.

We do it together.

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