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Warrior Wednesday-BE Courageous


There are storms in life that bring us to the crossroads of choice; do we quit or do we continue?


Today, I’m honored to be writing at Be Still Be Free about BE Courageous. The BE ladies even invited me to be a guest on their weekly BEcast! You can listen to my radio voice here. My prayer, Warriors, is that you’re encouraged today to choose to embody the courage to continue in your own battles, as I expose mine.


BE is a million things and yet just one thing. It’s a soon-to-be tangible thing you can read and see, but it’s also a mindset, a lifestyle and a choice.

BE. Be still, be free. Be you. Be who He created you to be. Be the best you possible — the best woman, wife, friend, mom, employee, advocate, cheerleader, supporter, designer, carpooler, coffee drinker.

Be still to know He is God.

Be free in Christ to pursue the abundant life He died to give us.

Be in the moment and fully present. Be free to dream. Be amazed at what He can do. Be changed. Be loved.



It was Mother’s Day — my day.

We’d gone out of town for the weekend…an unusual occurrence, as traveling with wheelchair accessibility needs is a challenge.

Pulling into the parking garage at home, we were tired. We were hot and ready to get out of the car.

We were all on edge creating a perfect storm as our frustrations collided.

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